Resource Allocation and Scheduling for Video Transmission over LTE/LTE-A Wireless Systems

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Multimedia applications contribute a major portion of applications in current and emerging wireless networks. In particular, video streaming is one of the multimedia applications that must be supported efficiently by the Long- Term Evolution (LTE) standard. Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for video streaming are quite stringent and must be met for all active flows. Hence, resource allocation and scheduling at the MAC layer of an LTE system becomes extremely important in determining the overall system performance. Different strategies can be adopted to share the resources among the users. Some of these assume knowledge of channel information and allocate more resources to users experiencing better channel conditions in order to maximize the cell throughput. However, for real-time applications such schedulers are incapable of providing fairness among users. Achieving a good trade-off between efficiency and fairness is critical for scheduling strategies. This chapter presents the different aspects of scheduling strategies for multimedia applications in the downlink of LTE networks, highlighting how these tackle the aforementioned trade-off, and introduce solutions proposed by the authors to address it.


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