Big Data as Strategic Enabler - Insights from Central European Enterprises

  • Rainer Schmidt
  • Michael Möhring
  • Stefan Maier
  • Julia Pietsch
  • Ralf-Christian Härting
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 176)


Big Data increases the amount of data available for analysis by significantly increasing the volume, velocity and variety. Big Data is the coincidence of technological developments with a radical transformation of information flows. Beyond technological considerations only few, general analyses of the strategic impact of Big Data exist. Therefore, we designed a study analyzing the strategic impact factors of Big Data. The study is based on a survey from 148 responses of enterprise specialists and managers in the field of Big Data, originating from central European enterprises. Key findings are that idle data have a negative moderate effect and the type of business process has a positive effect on the perceived advantages of big data. Furthermore there is an effect of the perceived advantages of big data on the planned and current use.


big data strategy business intelligence empirical research business information system 


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  • Michael Möhring
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  • Stefan Maier
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  • Julia Pietsch
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  • Ralf-Christian Härting
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