Representing Information Across Channels

  • David Peter Simon
Part of the Human–Computer Interaction Series book series (HCIS)


Substantial progress has been made in using information architecture for different mediums and across different channels. NPR’s COPE System—Create Once, Publish Everywhere—is just one example of creating flexible content for cross-channel ecosystems, spanning data entry to presentation layer. In this position piece, I reflect on the relationship between content presentation and evolving hardware. I posit that information architecture is a key practice in rendering device agnostic content, exploring the ways in which the structural design of information helps to bring into being a near seamless experience for users mentally navigating different environments. I use three specific case studies from three different organizations—Amazon, NPR, and Facebook—so as to illustrate how the structuring of data was a critical aspect in representing information across channels.


Open Graph User Interface Development Information Architecture Content Consumption Digital Strategy 
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Thanks to Stuart Curran, Jeff Wishine, and Chris Ford for providing feedback and ideas on earlier drafts of this piece.


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