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Shifting Perceptions – Shifting Realities



A confrontation with augmented reality (AR) fuses a virtual entity in a geographical location and promotes psychological immersion and perceptual shifts. As the body’s physical relationship repositions itself to a restructured world, AR influences emotional thinking. This chapter is an artistic journey to define perceptual shifts, explore the multiplicity of realities and reveal the many layers of a sense of presence through Immersion. AR art incorporated in small southern Indiana town makes the locals wary of strangers waving computer devices to capture photographs of their sanctuary. The musings and conversations that transpire offer a window into a world beyond AR which opens up an awareness to the historicity of the moment. The AR appears as a balloon shaped heart blazing with a picture of Lenin raising his arm to the sky. The AR is motivated by Skwarek’s participation in the Occupy movement and the celebration of May Day and the motivations of these movements are also discussed. AR facilitates an investigation of space and an earnestness of place in the community.


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