Trends and Challenges for Cloud-Based Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Stamatis KarnouskosEmail author
  • Armando W. Colombo
  • Thomas Bangemann


The domain of industrial systems is increasingly changing by adopting emerging Internet-based concepts, technologies, tools and methodologies. The rapid advances in computational power coupled with the benefits of the cloud and its services, has the potential to give rise to a new generation of service-based industrial systems whose functionalities reside on-device and in-cloud. Their realisation brings new opportunities, as well as additional challenges. The latter need to be adequately addressed if the vision of future cloud-based industrial cyber-physical system infrastructures is to become a reality and be productively used.


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The authors thank the European Commission for their support, and the partners of the EU FP7 project IMC-AESOP ( for fruitful discussions.


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