Towards the Next Generation of Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

  • Armando W. Colombo
  • Stamatis  Karnouskos
  • Thomas Bangemann


Intelligent networked embedded systems and technologies, ranging from components and software to Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) [1], are of increasing importance to the ICT supply industry, system integrators and all major mainstream sectors of the economy [9]. Development of new technologies for provisioning innovative services and products can lead to new business opportunities for the industry. Monitoring and Control are seen as key for achieving visions in several CPS dominated areas such as industrial automation systems, automotive electronics, telecommunication equipments, smart-grid, building controls, digitally driven smart cities, home automation, greener transport, water and wastewater management, medical and health infrastructures, online public services and many others [10]. This chapter introduces cloud-based industrial CPS and describes the first results of making it a reality for the Next Generation SOA-based SCADA/DCS systems. The reader can learn about the research, development and innovation work carried out by a set of experts collaborating under the umbrella of the IMC-AESOP project, for specifying, developing, implementing and demonstrating the major features of Intelligent Monitoring and Control Systems and the advantages of implementing them in different industrial process control environments.


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The authors thank the European Commission for their support, and the partners of the EU FP7 project IMC-AESOP ( for the fruitful discussions.


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  • Stamatis  Karnouskos
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  1. 1.Schneider ElectricMarktheidenfeldGermany
  2. 2.University of Applied Sciences Emden/LeerEmdenGermany
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