Tuning an H-Infinity Controller with a Given Order and a Structure for Interconnected Systems with Delays

  • Suat Gumussoy
  • Wim Michiels
Part of the Advances in Delays and Dynamics book series (ADVSDD, volume 2)


An eigenvalue based framework is developed for the \({\fancyscript{H}}_\infty \) norm analysis and its norm minimization of coupled systems with time-delays, which are naturally described by delay differential algebraic equations (DDAEs). For these equations \({\fancyscript{H}}_\infty \) norms are analyzed and their sensitivity with respect to small delay perturbations is studied. Subsequently, numerical methods for the \({\fancyscript{H}}_\infty \) norm computation and for designing controllers minimizing the \({\fancyscript{H}}_\infty \) norm with a prescribed structure or order, based on a direct optimization approach, are briefly addressed. The effectiveness of the approach is illustrated with a software demo. The chapter concludes by pointing out the similarities with the computation and optimization of characteristic roots of DDAEs.



This article present results of the Belgian Programme on Interuniversity Poles of Attraction, initiated by the Belgian State, Prime Ministers Office for Science, Technology and Culture, of the Optimization in Engineering Centre OPTEC, of the project STRT1-09/33 of the K.U.Leuven Research Council and of the Project G.0712.11 of the Fund for Scientific Research -Flanders.


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  2. 2.Department of Computer ScienceKU LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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