The Legal Framework for Regional State Aid in the European Union in 2014–2020 and Its Impact on the Attractiveness of Poland’s Regions to Investors

  • Adam A. Ambroziak
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This chapter outlines the latest changes in the rules for granting regional state in the period of 2014–2020, with a special focus on how the new rules will directly influence the investment attractiveness of all EU regions, including those in Poland. Regional aid is supposed to contribute to achieving an “objective of common interest,” i.e. reinforcement of economic cohesion in the EU by helping to better use the endogenous factors which can be found in every region, in line with the new paradigm of the Cohesion Policy. This means that new investment projects, in addition to reducing unemployment, should contribute to greater innovations in the economy. Under the new rules, regional aid will be allowed all throughout Poland, though the highest ceiling has been maintained only in the eastern voivodeships (regions), which should be attractive to potential investors thinking of locating in Poland. However, external circumstances also need be kept in mind (for example, other regions in Central and Eastern Europe that will offer similar support with greater location advantages).


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