Dewarping Book Page Spreads Captured with a Mobile Phone Camera

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Capturing book images is more convenient with a mobile phone camera than with more specialized flat-bed scanners or 3D capture devices. We built an application for the iPhone 4S that captures a sequence of hi-res (8 MP) images of a page spread as the user sweeps the device across the book. To do the 3D dewarping, we implemented two algorithms: optical flow (OF) and structure from motion (SfM). Making further use of the image sequence, we examined the potential of multi-frame OCR. Preliminary evaluation on a small set of data shows that OF and SfM had comparable OCR performance for both single-frame and multi-frame techniques, and that multi-frame was substantially better than single-frame. The computation time was much less for OF than for SfM.


Document capture Document analysis Dewarping  Mobile phone camera Book scanning 



This work was done at FX Palo Alto Laboratory. We thank Michael Cutter and David Lee for helpful discussions.


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  2. 2.FX Palo Alto LaboratoryPalo AltoUSA

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