CEPBen: A Benchmark for Complex Event Processing Systems

  • Chunhui Li
  • Robert Berry
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8391)


Complex Event processing (CEP) has emerged over the last ten years. CEP systems are outstanding in processing large amount of data and responding in a timely fashion. While CEP applications are fast growing, performance management in this area has not gain much attention. It is critical to meet the promised level of service for both system designers and users. In this paper, we present a benchmark for complex event processing systems: CEPBen. The CEPBen benchmark is designed to evaluate CEP functional behaviours, i.e., filtering, transformation and event pattern detection and provides a novel methodology of evaluating the performance of CEP systems. A performance study by running the CEPBen on Esper CEP engine is described and discussed. The results obtained from performance tests demonstrate the influences of CEP functional behaviours on the system performance.


Complex Event Processing Performance Evaluation Benchmark Complexity Throughput Response Time 


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  • Chunhui Li
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  • Robert Berry
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