Architecture and Performance Characteristics of a PostgreSQL Implementation of the TPC-E and TPC-V Workloads

  • Andrew Bond
  • Douglas Johnson
  • Greg Kopczynski
  • H. Reza Taheri
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 8391)


The TPC has been developing a publicly available, end-to-end benchmarking kit to run the new TPC-V benchmark, with the goal of measuring the performance of databases subjected to the variability and elasticity of load demands that are common in cloud environments. This kit is being developed completely from scratch in Java and C++ with PostgreSQL as the target database. Since the TPC-V workload is based on the mature TPC-E benchmark, the kit initially implements the TPC-E schema and transactions. In this paper, we will report on the status of the kit, describe the architectural details, and provide results from prototyping experiments at performance levels that are representative of enterprise-class databases. We are not aware of other PostgreSQL benchmarking results running at the levels we will describe in the paper. We will list the optimizations that were made to PostgreSQL parameters, to hardware/operating system/file system settings, and to the benchmarking code to maximize the performance of PostgreSQL, and saturate a large, 4-socket server.


Database performance virtualization PostgreSQL cloud computing 


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  • Andrew Bond
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  • Douglas Johnson
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  • Greg Kopczynski
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  • H. Reza Taheri
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