TPC Express – A New Path for TPC Benchmarks

  • Karl Huppler
  • Douglas Johnson
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To accommodate differences in systems architecture and DBMS functions and features, the TPC has long held that the best way to define a database benchmark is to author a paper specification of the application to be measured, leaving the implementation of that specification to the individual analyst. While this technique allows for the optimal implementation for a specific DBMS on a specific platform, it makes the initial entry into benchmark development a costly one – often cost prohibitive. The TPC has embarked on a plan to develop a new benchmark category, dubbed TPC Express, where benchmarks based on predefined, executable kits that can be rapidly deployed and measured. This paper defines the TPC Express model, contrasts it to the TPC’s existing “Enterprise” model, and highlights many of the changes needed within the TPC to ensure the Express model is a successful one.


Performance Benchmark Database Servers 


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