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Pridolian to Early Eifelian Brachiopod Zonation of the Rhenish Massif (Germany)

  • Ulrich JansenEmail author
Conference paper
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A twofold brachiopod zonation is presented for the Pridolian to early Eifelian succession of the Rhenish Massif (Germany). It consists of 24 spiriferid taxon range zones and 18 brachiopod “faunal zones”. The biostratigraphic subdivision is applicable mainly to successions developed in siliciclastic, shallow-marine, or rhenotypic facies. Supraregional correlations, especially with sections in western and southwestern Europe and North Africa, are possible. Due to the continuing problems of neritic–pelagic correlation, the classic subdivision into Gedinnian, Siegenian, and Emsian stages is still preferred on a regional scale.


Brachiopoda Biostratigraphy Lower Devonian Germany 


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