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Russian GSSP Candidate Sections for the Jurassic System

  • Mikhail RogovEmail author
  • Victor Zakharov
Conference paper
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During the last decade, three Russian sections have been proposed as global stratotype section and point (GSSP) candidates for the Callovian, Oxfordian, and Tithonian Stages. A comparison of these sections with other GSSP candidate sections in relation to their fulfilment of GSSP requirements has revealed that in some respects the Russian sections are better studied. The Kimmeridgian–Tithonian (Volgian) boundary transition is especially fully investigated at the Gorodischi section, which could be used as the GSSP for the Tithonian Stage and as a secondary stratotype section and point (SSSP) for the Volgian Stage.


Russia GSSP Callovian Oxfordian Tithonian 



This work is supported by RFBR grant 12-05-00380.


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