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A New Early Middle Pleistocene Locality of Small Mammals (Lower Dniester River) and its Position in the Early Middle Pleistocene Sequence

  • Anastasia K. MarkovaEmail author
Conference paper
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An important, new Eastern European locality of small mammals has been discovered near Levada station, Dniester Basin, 30 km east of Tiraspol town, Moldova. Small mammals found at the Levada locality include Spermophilus sp., Lagurus transiens Yanossy, Eolagurus sp., Microtus (Terricola) arvalidens Kretzoi, and Microtus (Stenocranius) gregaloides Hinton, amongst others. The species composition of this fauna indicates its close similarity to the fauna from the stratotype of the Tiraspolian Faunistic Complex described from the Kolkotova Balka locality (Terrace V of the Dniester River, Kolkotova Terrace, Moldova). These faunas could be correlated with the Ilinka Interglacial III and possibly with the Interglacial III of Cromer.


Middle Pleistocene Small mammals Eastern Europe 



I am very grateful to Prof. Andrei Chepalyga, Dr Denis Zakharov, and Dr Teodor Obada for their help in gaining access to the small mammal remains in the Levada section.


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