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Stratigraphy of the Caspian Sea Neopleistocene, Based on Didacna Eichwald Molluscs

  • Tamara YaninaEmail author
Conference paper
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The stratigraphy of the Caspian Neopleistocene (comprising the Middle and Upper Pleistocene according to the International Stratigraphic Scheme) is based on changes in the evolutionary patterns and ecological assemblages of the mollusc genus Didacna Eichwald. The molluscan faunas represent a complex hierarchical system of faunal assemblages with different taxonomic compositions and at different taxonomic levels: faunas, complexes, subcomplexes, and associations. Based on the molluscan fauna, namely, on faunal units distinguished at different hierarchical levels, this work presents a regional biostratigraphic (ecostratigraphic) scheme of the Neopleistocene of the Caspian, supplementing the existing schemes.


Caspian Sea Neopleistocene Molluscs Didacna Eichwald Biostratigraphy Type sections 



The author is grateful to the Russian Foundation for Basic Research for financial support of the research (Projects 11-05-00093 and 13-05-00086).

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