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Review of the Jurassic System of Russia: Stages, Boundaries, and Perspectives

  • Victor ZakharovEmail author
  • Mikhail Rogov
Conference paper
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A review of the state-of-the-art of Jurassic stages in Russia is presented. The Jurassic system is represented here mainly by Boreal deposits, and direct correlation of boundaries based on global stratotype sections and points (GSSPs) with stage boundaries of the Boreal succession remains mostly unclear for the Lower and Middle Jurassic. These Boreal boundaries could be better fixed by selecting secondary stratotype section and point (SSSP) sections. Callovian and Upper Jurassic stage boundaries are directly traced throughout in the Boreal areas.


Jurassic Russia Stage boundaries GSSP SSSP 



This study was supported by RFBR grant 12-05-00380.


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