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Stratigraphic Characteristics of the Derinkuyu Area, Nevsehir, Turkey

  • Ali Riza SogutEmail author
  • Kerim Kocak
  • Ahmet Güzel
Conference paper
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The study area is located in the Derinkuyu area, central Anatolia. The oldest formation in the area is Cretaceous Karatepe hornblende gabbro, which is overlain by upper Miocene Melendizdağı tuffs, Melendizdağı andesites, Gostuk tuff and ignimbrite, and the Karakaya Formation. These units are followed by lower Pliocene Selime tuff, Kızılkaya ignimbrite, and the Ağıllı Formation, above which lie various Pleistocene ashes, namely, the Hasandağı ash, the Kumtepe ash, and the Göllüdağ ash flow tuffs. Above these are the Pleistocene Kızıldag basalts and Holocene basaltic cinder cones. Talus is the youngest unit in the area. The young volcanics and volcaniclastics in the area may have originated from the volcanism of Mts Erciyes, Melendiz, and Hasan.


Mount Hasan Volcanism Derinkuyu Turkey 


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  1. 1.Selcuk UniversityKonyaTurkey
  2. 2.Celal Bayar UniversityManisaTurkey

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