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Tectono–Stratigraphic Position of the Kaminnyi Potik Unit in the Ukrainian Carpathians and Volcanogenic Rocks of Mt Chyvchyn

  • Michał KrobickiEmail author
  • Oleh Hnylko
  • Anna Feldman-Olszewska
  • Jolanta Iwańczuk
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In tectono–stratigraphic terms, the Kaminnyi Potik Unit is the most internal and structurally highest unit of the Fore–Marmarosh units and in many places is directly covered by the Marmarosh nappes of the central East Carpathians (Marmarosh Massif, Transcarpathian Ukraine). This unit consists of latest Jurassic to earliest Cretaceous formations composed mainly of thin-bedded limestones, black shales, sandstones, and conglomerates, with basic effusives (including basaltic pillow lavas) and pyroclastic turbidites. The best places for studying this unit occur in the vicinity of Rahiv city and on Mt Chyvchyn, the highest peak of the Chyvchynian Mountains. The volcanic–sedimentary complex of Mt Chyvchyn does not form a single tectonic unit (cap), but four small tectonic scales with full development of the effusive–pyroclastic debris flow/turbidite complexes.


Ukrainian Carpathians Kaminnyi Potik unit Tectono–stratigraphy Effusive rocks 


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  • Michał Krobicki
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  • Oleh Hnylko
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  • Anna Feldman-Olszewska
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  • Jolanta Iwańczuk
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  1. 1.Polish Geological Institute, National Research InstituteSosnowiecPoland
  2. 2.AGH University of Science and TechnologyKrakówPoland
  3. 3.Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of NAS of UkraineLvivUkraine
  4. 4.Polish Geological Institute, National Research InstituteWarszawaPoland

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