Laparoscopic Banded Gastric Bypass Surgery

  • Mathias A. L. FobiEmail author
  • Mohit Bhandari


The laparoscopic banded gastric bypass is a modified gastric bypass operation with a controlled reservoir formed by placing a ring or band around the gastric pouch. The placement of the ring prevents the formation of the neo-pouch that forms after gastric bypass operations, when the pouch, stoma and proximal jejunum dilate over time. Control of the reservoir size has been reported to result in more weight loss and better weight loss maintenance by enhancing the restriction and full sense mechanisms that decrease caloric intake and result in weight loss. A report of a series of 167 patients with 3–5 years follow up is presented; the patients had laparoscopic banded gastric bypass as a part of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical trials where GaBP RingTM is used to band the pouch in the banded bypass. The results corroborate the results of more weight loss and weight loss maintenance reported with banded gastric bypass.


Laparoscopic Banded Gastric Bypass Ring Reservoir GaBP RingTM 

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