Revisional Surgery after LRYGB

  • Kelvin D. HigaEmail author
  • Steven S. Chang


Laparoscopic gastric bypass has proven long-term results and benefits. Our lack of understanding as to the pathophysiology of the operation underscores the variable response curve observed. It is unreasonable to assume patients who do not do well after surgery are merely “non-compliant.” In addition, there are inherent drawbacks to the anatomic construct that can lead to significant complications. Therefore, bariatric/metabolic surgeons should be prepared to restore, correct, augment, or reverse this operation depending on the needs of each individual patient.


Gastric bypass Revision gastric bypass Reversal gastric bypass Weight loss failure after gastric bypass Weight recidivism after gastric bypass Gastrogastric fistula after gastric bypass Marginal ulcer Reactive hypoglycemia 

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Complex gastric bypass reconstruction for chronic abdominal pain (MP4 210598 kb)

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Complex laparoscopic reversal of gastric bypass (M4V 170424 kb)


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