A Step Further in the Integration of Data Management and Analysis: Pl/R

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This chapter introduces the Pl/R extension, a very powerful alternative to integrate the features offered by R in the database in a gapless workflow. Pl/R is a loadable procedural language that allows the use of the R engine and libraries directly inside the database, thus embedding R scripts into SQL statements and database functions and triggers. Among many advantages, Pl/R avoids unnecessary data replication, allows the use of a single SQL interface for complex scripts involving R queries and offers a tight integration of data analysis and management processes into the database. In this chapter, you will have a basic overview of the potential of Pl/R for the study of GPS locations. You will be introduced to the use of Pl/R, starting with exercises involving simple calculations in R (logarithms, median and quantiles), followed by more elaborated exercises designed to compute the daylight times of a given location at a given date, or to compute complex home range methods.


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