Change and a Future for Metadata

  • Jane Greenberg
  • Emmanouel Garoufallou
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 390)


Future predictions generally resolve some place between a desired outcome and a predetermined path set by fixed circumstances. This essay explores the future of metadata, recognizing the impossibility of creating a precise road map comingled with the fact that researchers and practitioners do, in fact, have some capacity to impact future plans. We address the unprecedented time in which we live, shaped by the latest networked and technological capacities. Observations presented address the future province of metadata, a role for metadata in addressing grand challenges, and emerging synergistic environments. The conclusion summarizes these observations and confirms the significance of metadata.


Metadata research grand challenges community scholarship synergistic environments semantic web linked data Research Data Alliance (RDA) e-science e-research 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Jane Greenberg
    • 1
  • Emmanouel Garoufallou
    • 2
  1. 1.The University of North Carolina at Chapel HillChapel HillUSA
  2. 2.Alexander Technological Educational Institute of ThessalonikiGreece

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