Nanoscale Electrical Contacts Grown by Focused Ion Beam (FIB)-Induced Deposition

Part of the Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology book series (LNNST, volume 20)


A detailed description of the use of the focused ion beam (FIB) to grow electrical contacts is presented. The combination of FIB with precursor compounds, which are delivered on the area of interest by means of gas-injection systems, allows the growth of electrical contacts with nanometric resolution on targeted places. The technique has been coined focused ion beam-induced deposition (FIBID). Pros and cons with respect to other existing techniques for contacting are discussed. The FIBID contacts reported in this chapter are based on the use of Pt and W precursors, which result in the growth of deposits with resistivities down to 100 μΩ cm without any post-treatment. A comparison of FIBID with focused electron beam-induced deposition, the sister technique that uses focused electrons instead of ions, is also presented. The steps to follow in order to be successful in the contacting process by means of FIBID are described. Examples of the contacting to individual nanowires and nanoparticles carried out in our laboratory are shown, together with the corresponding four-probe transport measurements. Below 5 K, W deposits are superconducting and can be therefore used for zero-resistance lead contacts, superconductor-based nanocontacts and probing of proximity effects, opening new perspectives as described here.


Focused ion beam Focused ion beam-induced deposition Electrical contacts Superconducting contacts Electrical transport Nanoscale probing Nanocontacts Nanowires Nanoparticles 



We warmly acknowledge our close collaborators in the work presented in this chapter: J. Arbiol, L. Casado, I. Guillamón, N. Marcano, L. Morellón, D. Muñoz-Rojas, L. Pérez, M. Plaza, J. Sesé, H. Suderow and S. Vieira. Financial support by the Spanish Ministry of Economy (through project MAT2011-27553-C02, including FEDER funding) and the Aragón Regional Government is acknowledged.


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  2. 2.Laboratorio de Microscopías Avanzadas (LMA), Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA)Universidad de ZaragozaZaragozaSpain
  3. 3.Cavendish Laboratory, Department of PhysicsUniversity of CambridgeCambridgeUK

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