Opening Science

pp 237-253

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Research Funding in Open Science

  • Jörg Eisfeld-ReschkeAffiliated withInstitut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien
  • , Ulrich HerbAffiliated withSaarland University Email author 
  • , Karsten WenzlaffAffiliated withInstitut für Kommunikation in sozialen Medien


The advent of the Open Science paradigm has led to new interdependencies between the funding of research and the practice of Open Science. On the one hand, traditional revenue models in Science Publishing are questioned by Open Science Methods and new revenue models in and around Open Science need to be established. This only works if researchers make large parts of their data and results available under Open Access principles. If research funding wants to have an impact within this new paradigm, it requires scientists and scientific projects to make more than just text publications available according to the Open Access principles. On the other hand, it is still to be discussed how Research Funding itself could be more open. Is it possible to generate a new understanding of financing science shaped by transparency, interaction, participation, and stakeholder governance—in other words reach the next level as Research Funding 2.0? This article focuses on both of the aspects: Firstly, how Research Funding is promoting Open Science. Secondly, how an innovative and open Research Funding might look like.