Ultrafast Material Science Probed Using Coherent X-ray Pulses from High-Harmonic Generation

  • Stefan MathiasEmail author
  • Henry C. Kapteyn
  • Margaret M. Murnane
Part of the Scottish Graduate Series book series (SGS)


X-rays represent one of the most powerful tools for understanding materials at the nanoscale, uncovering important information related to magnetism, photochemistry, materials, biology, nanoscience and many other areas of science and technology. The recent availability of ultrashort x-ray pulses paves the way for a completely new generation of experiments that can capture the coupled dynamics of elementary excitations in materials. Ultrashort x-ray pulses can access the fundamental interactions between charge, lattice, orbital, and spin dynamics in real time, which eventually determine the intrinsic physical limits at which, for example, a phase-transition in a correlated-electron material occurs, the magnetic state of a material can be switched, or a chemical reaction on a surface evolves. The goal of this chapter is to review recent breakthroughs in using ultrashort x-ray pulses from high-harmonic generation for the study of ultrafast material science.


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We thank M. Aeschlimann, M. Bauer, C. La-o-vorakiat, A.V. Carr, L. Miaja-Avila, M. Siemens, M. Seaberg, D. Adams, and T. Popmintchev for support and discussion. We gratefully acknowledge support from the National Science Foundation, from the Department of Energy and from the DOD NSSEFF program. S.M. acknowledges support from the European Community’s FP7 under Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship GA 253316.


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