• Luca Codignola
Part of the Studies in Space Policy book series (STUDSPACE, volume 1)


Launched in August 2007, the Phoenix Mars Mission of the North American Space Agency (NASA) finally tasted a measure of success when, on 6 June 2008, its Mars Lander made its first dig into Martian soil and its Robotic Arm scooped up a certain amount of reddish material from the top four centimeters of the planet’s surface. The mission, NASA’s first in its Scout Program, was designed to verify traces of volatile element, water in particular, and, consequently, to assess Martian habitability potential. The programme has been some years in the making. It is almost a year since the rocket was launched. Furthermore, the first Moon landing took place in 1969. That was more than a generation ago. Are there alien entities somewhere in the universe eagerly and impatiently waiting for us to arrive? Is humankind moving too slowly in space?


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