Physics and National Socialism

Volume 18 of the series Science Networks·Historical Studies pp 152-157

‘White Jews’ in Science [July 15, 1937]

  • Klaus HentschelAffiliated withInstitute for History of Science, GÖttingen University

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There is a primitive type of anti-Semitism that limits itself to fighting against Jews alone. Its proponents are content to believe that there is a clear dividing line between Germans and Jews. They believe the problem would be solved, if a ban were set on intermarriage and Jews were no longer allowed to participate in the political, cultural, and economic life of the nation. [3] They have a vague notion that a Jewish exodus to Palestine or elsewhere was the ultimate solution. [4] It follows from this that the moment Germany were rid of the Jews [judenrein] to this extent, anti-Semitism should also come to an end.