Oligosaccharide Profiling of Keratan Sulphate

  • Gavin M. Brown
  • Ian A. Nieduszynski
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Keratan sulphate (KS) was first isolated from bovine cornea (1), and was subsequently also extracted from the nucleus pulposus of human intervertebral disc (2). Since then, KS chains have been extracted from a number of tissues, and the following KS-containing proteoglycans have been identified: aggrecan (3) from cartilage, lumican (4) from cornea, two other corneal KS-Proteoglycans (PGs) with core protein sizes of 37 kDa and 25 kDa (5), fibromodulin (6) from various tissues, abakan (7), claustrin (8), phosphacan (9) and neurocan (10) from brain, SV2 (11) from synaptic vesicles etc. In addition, other molecules closely related to KS have been characterized, such as those from the zona pellucida (12).


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  • Ian A. Nieduszynski

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