The Full Version of Theorem 1.3

  • Jayce Getz
  • Mark Goresky
Part of the Progress in Mathematics book series (PM, volume 298)


We use the same setup as in the previous chapter: L/E is a quadratic extension of totally real fields \({\rm Gal}{(L/E)}={\langle 1,\varsigma\rangle},\,{\rm Gal}{(L/E)}^\wedge={\langle 1,\eta\rangle},\mathfrak{c}\subset\mathcal{O}_L\) is an ideal, and
$$n:=[L:\mathbb{Q}], \quad d:=d_{L/E},\quad \mathcal {D}:=\mathcal{D}_{L/E},\quad\mathfrak{c}_{E}:=\mathfrak{c}\cap\mathcal{O}_E.$$


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