Awareness Logic: A Kripke-Based Rendition of the Heifetz-Meier-Schipper Model

  • Gaia BelardinelliEmail author
  • Rasmus K. Rendsvig
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12569)


Heifetz, Meier & Schipper (HMS) present a lattice model of awareness. The HMS model is syntax-free, which precludes the simple option to rely on formal language to induce lattices, and represents uncertainty and unawareness with one entangled construct, making it difficult to assess the properties of either. Here, we present a model based on a lattice of Kripke models, induced by atom subset inclusion, in which uncertainty and unawareness are separate. We show the models to be equivalent by defining transformations between them which preserve formula satisfaction, and obtain completeness through our and HMS’ results.



We thank the reviewers for their keen eyes and productive comments. The Center for Information and Bubble Studies is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. RKR was partially supported by the DFG-ANR joint project Collective Attitude Formation [RO 4548/8-1].


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