The Path of Information Construction of Archives Management in Universities with Big Data Application Under the Internet Environment

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1147)


In the context of big data, the requirements of archives work are constantly improving, not only relying on the past paper archives mode, but also adapting to the impact of electronic archives. Therefore, in the current process of university education management, the most important content is the construction of file information. The purpose of this paper is to explore the application of information construction path of University Archives Management Based on big data. First of all, it explains the practical significance of promoting the informatization management of university archives, introduces the relevant concepts and characteristics, including the connotation and characteristics of the informatization management of University Archives and university archives. Then it expounds the theoretical basis of information management of university archives. Secondly, it explores the path of information construction of University Archives Management Based on big data. Finally, through the method of questionnaire, 30 universities in a province were investigated. The experimental results show that the general situation of college archives management personnel participating in the learning and training of archives management is: 4% for 0 times, 40% for 1 time, 20% for 2 times, 36% for 3 times or more. From the composition and training of archives management personnel, the personnel team of archives information management has been initially established; 80% of colleges and universities have used the management information system to manage archives, and 20% of colleges and universities have used the management information system to manage archives Management information system is not used. From the use of management information system and the construction of archives management website, the operation mode has been preliminarily formed.


University Archives Information management Big data application Construction path 



This work was supported by the conclusion of the 2018 project “Research on the management of students' Archives in the context of the transformation and development of local universities” of Jilin province's education science “13th five year plan”, subject number GH180631.


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