The Transition Towards E-Commerce Poverty Alleviation in Longnan

  • Yong’an QiEmail author
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In recent years, e-commerce alleviation has been an important initiative in China for poverty alleviation. This paper focuses on the case of e-commerce poverty alleviation implemented in Longnan, Gansu Province. This paper examines the three stages of e-commerce poverty alleviation taking place in Longnan over recent years and their characteristics, and explores the essence of e-commerce poverty alleviation, and the trends of specialized development. Finally, this paper proposes that e-commerce poverty alleviation in the future should be based on improving the quality of specialty agricultural products to increase the competitiveness of e-commerce; specialty agricultural products should be focused while extending product processing chain; specialized e-commerce companies should be cultivated to expand the scope of their operation and sales; integration between multiple industries should be promoted to improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation.


E-commerce poverty alleviation Specialty industry Transition 



This research was supported by the Key Laboratory of Ethnic Information and E-commerce for Universities of Gansu Province (2018-5).


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