Information Technology’s Impact on Marketing Strategy of Consumer Demand

  • Xuelian LiaoEmail author
  • Aihua Meng
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In recent years, the integration of information technology and marketing strategy of consumer demand has become more and more close. With the help of new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things and portable terminal Internet access equipment, the country can not only smoothly implement the upgrading and reengineering of business management process, but also release information in time, and the leaders can get timely information. Get information and make decisions. In this context, this paper studies the impact of information technology on the marketing strategy of consumer demand, in order to fully illustrate the important impact of information technology on the marketing strategy of consumer demand. As a brand-new trade mode, the marketing strategy of information technology for consumer demand has narrowed the gap between production and consumption, between marketers and customers by means of the instant interaction of the Internet: some new changes have taken place in consumer behavior which are different from the traditional behavior pattern, and the state only understands these changes. Only in this way can we formulate correct marketing strategies and gain advantages in the global market competition.


Information technology Consumer demand Marketing strategy impact research 


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