Education of Ideological and Political Course Under the Background of Cloud Computing

  • Xinya HuEmail author
  • Zhongyi Tang
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1146)


Under the rapid development of Internet and computer technology, cloud computing, as a computing method under big data, is becoming a research hot spot at home and abroad. Cloud computing is based on the Internet platform, and uses the currently mature virtualization technology. It can manage and schedule plenty of resources uniformly through the network and provide users with more quality services. Especially, accompanied by the prosperity of communication technologies, Cloud Computing has been taken advantage in the Ideological and political fields in school education. For ideological and political lectures in all kinds of universities, the traditional method is mainly to use SMS, MMS or some simple clients for virtual teaching, but the slightly complex work is difficult to complete. In this case, the original simple system can not have the big data interaction in the modern teaching background, and can not bring a good teacher-student interaction. Thus, it would be much helpful if education department upgraded the original mode of ideological and political course. Obviously, it might be a excellent attempt that rely on Cloud Computing to educate students’ ideology.


Cloud computing Ideological and political theory course Teaching modes 



Fund project: The construction project of School of Marxism and excellent teaching and research team demonstrated by universities of the Ministry of Education (Project approval no.: 17JDSZK042).


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