The Construction of Off-School Practice Teaching Base for Investment Major Based on Big Data

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Aiming at the problems in securities investment practice teaching, such as the large gap between school practice teaching and industry demand, the core business connection in off-campus practice teaching is difficult; exploring the construction of off-campus practice bases, and reducing the gap between on-campus practice teaching and industry demand. Based on the construction of traditional off-campus practice teaching bases, this paper proposes an off-campus practice teaching base combining big data technology. The off-campus practice teaching base based on big data technology is an important part of campus construction. It not only meets the needs of “Internet +” vocational education development, but also meets the requirements for training enterprise talents. Based on the system structure of the practice base under big data, combined with the characteristics of 5 V of big data, it comprehensively analyzed the management strategies of the personnel, equipment and teaching process of the base. Through the use cases of the practice base outside the school, in the context of the era of big data, it effectively implemented the “education for the fittest is the best education” modern education concept. In this paper, a questionnaire survey is conducted on the satisfaction of students in a practical teaching base outside the school, and the teaching effect is evaluated. Experimental simulation results show that students have a good response to the experimental base. After training, the temperament and business quality of students have been improved, and teamwork awareness has been enhanced. It can be seen that the construction of a practical teaching base based on the background of big data will greatly integrate the base resources and provide timely feedback and countermeasures to the problems that arise at the base. The questionnaire survey shows that the proportion of students who are satisfied with the management of the practice base is 64%, the basic satisfaction rate is 28%, and the dissatisfied rate is 8%, which indicates that the students are mostly agreeable with the management of the practice base and are basically satisfied. The dissatisfaction accounted for 36% of the total, indicating that there is a certain deviation in the management of the practice base. Based on the big data background, the construction of an off-campus practice base for investment majors has certain research value. Big data technology can be used to improve traditional practice base some flaws.


Investment science Teaching base Big data Off-campus practice 



This work was supported by the research achievement of Jilin Province higher education reform research project “research and practice of collaborative construction of local applied undergraduate investment professional” inside and outside “practice teaching base” [Higher Education Department of Jilin Province (2017) No. 71].


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