Application of Computer Network Anomaly Recognition Based on Artificial Intelligence

  • Hui Xie
  • Li WeiEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1146)


With the continuous popularization of computer network applications, people’s lifestyle has been greatly changed, and it has become an essential tool for people’s daily life, which gradually affects people’s daily life. However, with the continuous penetration of the network in all walks of life, the existence of various diversified network problems has also greatly affected people’s normal work and development, even the network anomaly brought by various illegal attacks and hacker access issues has infringed upon people’s rights and interests, and continuously affect the normal operation of the network. For this purpose, this study applies artificial intelligence to computer network anomaly diagnosis and recognition, and uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to efficiently, quickly and accurately identify anomalies and their causes in the network, and find ways to deal with them.


Artificial intelligence Recognition Network anomaly 



This work was supported by:

1. Science and Technology Planning Project of Chenzhou (No. jsyf2017008).

2. Innovation and entrepreneurship training program for college students in Hunan Province in 2019 (No. 1808).


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