A Survey on Efficient Storage and Retrieval System for the Implementation of Data Deduplication in Cloud

  • R. VinothEmail author
  • L. Jegatha Deborah
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Cloud computing is a methodology that gives users a possibility to keep their files, access and retrieve them from any units which are related to internet. Virtualization is accompanied with cloud computing to promote the smartness and extra efficient use of sources within a corporation with the aid of simplifying upkeep and speeding up the configuration of resources. Cloud computing has transformed the software aid for large systems from a single server to provider oriented model. While storing a massive quantity of archives in cloud server repetition of equal file takes region and storage potential is reduced. Since companies make investments by lot of money for storing the facts an environment friendly method is wanted for managing the duplication of big data. Deduplication is a mechanism used in cloud storages to sidestep repetition of same data that increases storage capacity. However cipher text based deduplication is crucial for identifying and removing duplicates when their data or keys are stored in encrypted form. This survey paper focuses on a number deduplication mechanisms and compares the techniques which are used to pick out and eliminate duplicated documents in cloud storage and by results of the survey we have planned to develop an algorithm to compare and identify duplicate data in cloud server by improving the modes of chunk and hash creations.


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