A Review on Predicting Cardiovascular Diseases Using Data Mining Techniques

  • V. PavithraEmail author
  • V. Jayalakshmi
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 49)


The main objective of the work is to analyze various data mining techniques in the health care field that can be employed in “predicting cardiovascular diseases and their efficient diagnosis. Cardiovascular system is the first organ system to become fully functional in uterus. Cardiovascular diseases is one of the major common diseases that cause death all around worldwide. People of all ages are affected by this disease particularly the elderly people. It is essential to predict the group of people commonly affected and identifying risk factors like age, sex, lifestyle that will be helpful in early diagnosing and prevention of heart diseases. At present huge number of people are pretentious to heart diseases and hence it is quite difficult to predict accurately. Proper mining methods can save enormous number of people from mortality due to heart diseases. This paper analyses various types of heart disease and prediction techniques used in heart disease prediction.


Data mining Cardiovascular diseases Data mining techniques Data mining tool 


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