Implementation of IOT in Multiple Functions Robotic Arm: A Survey

  • S. GowriEmail author
  • Senduru Srinivasulu
  • U. Joy Blessy
  • K. Mariya Christeena Vinitha
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The ongoing revolution of web along side the growing artificial intelligence in several activities of daily life. The spotlights on style, execution and the executives of a 5 Degree of Freedom (DoF) mechanical arm abuse web of Things (IOT). The management of robotic arm is achieved by a Arduino and IOT. The most duty of Arduino is to come up with pulse dimension modulation (PWM) signals that square measure applied to servo motors for achieving the required rotation. Every servo features a totally different specification. Therefore, a PWM pulse might have a special result on servos. Most of the time, it’s crucial to use the precise PWM pulses for achieving the required rotation. the most advantage of dominant the servo motors with PWM signals is that they will be programmed to own associate degree initial position and to rotate with a definite degree with reference to the necessities. During this project, six servo motors square measure used to understand the robotic arm. Four servos square measure utilised to regulate the body motion together with base, shoulder and elbow and 2 smaller servos square measure used for the motion of finish effectors.

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Automation Image processing Robotic arm Arduino Servo motor 


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  • S. Gowri
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    Email author
  • Senduru Srinivasulu
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  • U. Joy Blessy
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  • K. Mariya Christeena Vinitha
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  1. 1.School of ComputingSathyabama Institute of Science and TechnologyChennaiIndia

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