An Overview of Geometry Plus Simulation Modules

  • Angelos MantzaflarisEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11989)


We give an overview of the open-source library “G+Smo”. G+Smo is a C++ library that brings together mathematical tools for geometric design and numerical simulation. It implements the relatively new paradigm of isogeometric analysis, which suggests the use of a unified framework in the design and analysis pipeline. G+Smo is an object-oriented, cross-platform, fully templated library and follows the generic programming principle, with a focus on both efficiency and ease of use. The library aims at providing access to high quality, open-source software to the community of numerical simulation and beyond.


C++ B-splines NURBS Isogeometric analysis Geometric design 



G+Smo is jointly developed by several contributors at the Johannes Kepler University, at the RICAM Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (in the frame of the Austrian Science Fund NFN project S117) at INRIA and at the Department of Applied Mathematics of TU Delft (The Netherlands). More contributions have been made by developers from other institutions. The full list of contributors is available at


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