Case Studies: Modelling and Simulation

  • Flávia de AndradeEmail author
  • Miguel Castilla
  • Benedito Donizeti Bonatto
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Scientific research today is focused on creating and optimizing algorithms and hardware that improve the controlling techniques of microgrids, making their adoption viable and increasingly advantageous. In order to evaluate the efficacy of these novel approaches, computer simulations are often developed. In the academic environment it is well known that the integrated software MATLAB-Simulink is a powerful, robust and versatile tool able to perform those tasks. This chapter provides a detailed guideline for design and simulation on the MATLAB-Simulink software platform of basic control methods applied to microgrids on different operating modes, with discussions on performance for each configuration. In the grid-connected operating mode, a system of one network-feeding converter and one local load is studied. In the islanded mode, it is evaluated network-forming converters with local and common load connected to the grid. Finally, in the transient operating mode, a study is proposed of a grid with one network-feeding and one network-forming converter, as well as one common load, in order to investigate features from disconnection and re-connection procedures between the two grid-connected and islanded mode.


Microgrid modelling Microgrid simulation Droop control Matlab-Simulink simulation Network-feeding converter Network-forming converter 

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