QoS Aware Spectrum Selection for IoT

  • Md. Mahfuzur RahmanEmail author
  • Mohammad Abdul Matin
Part of the Internet of Things book series (ITTCC)


Selecting appropriate spectrum becomes one of the key challenges for IoT devices in satisfying the QoS aspects of the applications while integrated with Cognitive Radio (CR). Most of the existing research is focused on maximizing the spectrum utilization by merging CR with IoT paradigm whereas QoS aspects of IoT applications have largely been neglected. We propose a spectrum selection mechanism that can be employed by IoT devices to meet the QoS requirements of IoT applications. The approach includes identifying the QoS requirements of IoT applications, matching appropriate spectrum (in CR) satisfying the QoS requirements. This QoS aware spectrum matching strategy provides IoT applications a suitable solutions for satisfying the QoS requirements.


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