Hardening of Metal Matrix Composites with Ceramic Nanoparticles

  • Victor M. CardenasEmail author
  • Carlos A. Villarreal B.
Conference paper
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The importance that in the last decades have acquired the composite materials of metallic matrix with reinforcements of nano ceramic particles, not only for their extraordinary mechanical properties, finding applications in different branches of industrial technology such as automotive, naval, aerospace and others. This work aims to show how the hardening of this type of materials depends on: the type of reinforcement, the size and its characteristics, the interaction of the dislocations with the defects, the process of obtaining these materials and the grain size of the matrix for the materials obtained by fusion or the particle size for those obtained by sintered compacting.


Metals hardening Nanoparticles Nano compounds 



Metal matrix compounds


Polymeric matrix compounds


Ceramic matrix compounds


Carbon nanotubes


Nanocomposite metal matrix materials


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion



We would like to thank the Technical University of the North for sponsoring the development of this research.


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