Data Digitalisation in the Open-Pit Mining: Preliminary Results

  • J. DuarteEmail author
  • M. Fernanda Rodrigues
  • J. Santos Baptista
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 277)


The new technological era has been shaping all industries and its impact on Mining activity lead to the emergence of the Mining 4.0 concept. Even though cutting edge technology is currently being used, this keeps being one of the most hazardous sectors. Therefore the importance of using such tools to improve, not only the productive agendas but also the environmental and occupational safety. The purpose of this study is to provide the preliminary results regarding the types of digitalisation tools and their main intents. In order to do so, the PRISMA guidelines extension for Scoping Reviews was used to filter the results. In this first investigation phase, from the 6775 identified articles, only 24 met the expected inclusion criteria, providing rationale for the digitalisation methodologies and tools. It was verified that the most used tools have in its core geographic information systems, despite the growing trend regarding photogrammetry tools. Regardless of the usage, the studies were mostly trying to solve engineering issues related to slope stability (which can also be linked to safety) and environmental monitorisation, thus showing the importance of creating models to design these project components to perform adequate managing actions. With this study, the needed background to carry this project is launched and further studies will be added to try to determine which tools and what information is needed to execute a design project.


Mining 4.0 Photogrammetry Geographic information systems 


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