Five Axis CNC Machines

  • Kaushik KumarEmail author
  • Chikesh Ranjan
  • J. Paulo Davim
Part of the Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology book series (MFMT)


A 5 axis CNC machine is a machining center where multiple tools moving and rotating in different direction for manufacturing complex parts are controlled using a single controller or are performed in a single umbrella. The 5 axis CNC machine, as the name suggests, allows control over 5 axes. 3 axes in the tool and 2 in the workpiece holder. Hence practically it can machine any geometry irrespective of the extent of complexity. Moreover, with the availability of multiple tool holder and tool changer it can also perform multi operations which machines like Lathe, Milling, Drilling, etc. do individually.

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  3. 3.Department of Mechanical EngineeringUniversity of AveiroAveiroPortugal

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