Hungarian - Slovakian Cooperation Making Aerial Firefighting More Effective: Error Analysis

  • Agoston RestasEmail author
Conference paper


In many cases, suppressing forest fires are very difficult. On the one hand, the location of the fire can be so far from the fire department it takes a long time to reach by ground forces or the place of the fire front can be at such a special place the intervention is impossible to carry out by hand crew. On the other hand, the fire intensity can be so high the protection of the ground forces is not enough to carry out the suppression. In these cases, aerial firefighting can be not just an effective solution to suppress the fire front but even the only way to stop fire. That is also well known, against the effectiveness of the aerial firefighting, this method is a very expensive tool. Using mostly picture analysis, this study focuses on the tactical mistakes of the aerial firefighting to prevent wastes of the process. Summarizing the results, even if the aerial firefighting can be a very effective tool suppressing the fire, in many cases, pilots and managers make not just simply mistakes reducing the potential of the effectiveness of the method but even carry out such maneuvers which are not only ineffective but can cause even dangerous situations. This study based on a Hungarian – Slovakian cooperation during I4F project, which supported by the EU Horizon 2020 program.


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