A Parametric Study of Numerical Modelling of Water Mist Systems in Protection of Wood Frame Buildings

  • Nour ElsaganEmail author
  • Yoon Ko
Conference paper


Water mist systems are considered for the protection of timber buildings because they use significantly less water and consequently less post-suppression water damage. Water mist systems are widely used in the fire protection of electronic equipment and machinery rooms in ships and industrial buildings. However, the use of water mist systems in the protection of residential and office buildings is still limited due to the lack of data on their performance in such buildings. As such, there is a research gap that warrants the work of this paper.

In this article, numerical modelling of water mist systems in the protection of mass timber buildings was conducted using Fire Dynamics Simulators (FDS). The water mist system was modelled to suppress a fire within a compartment and an open space. Different fuel parameters were investigated; the droplet size of the mist and different finishing (exposed and gypsum-board protected walls and ceiling) of the compartment.


Wood frame buildings Water mist systems Fire modelling 


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  1. 1.Fire Safety Unit, Construction Research CenterNational Research Council of CanadaOttawaCanada

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