Security of Healthcare Systems with Smart Health Records Using Cloud Technology

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The information technology in healthcare become trustful and more reliable with the advancement in technology. The cloud computing is one of the advance information technologies which is comprises of huge and bulky computers and linked with online web and internet. This is also termed as distributed computing which transfer data from one source to another and can be access and controlled by authorized users in healthcare organization. The cloud computing and its related challenges builds a protected Electronic Health Record (EHR) in an exceedingly cloud computing setting has attracted heaps of attention healthcare business and educational community. The thought of Cloud computing is turning into a preferred data technology (IT) infrastructure for facilitating EHR or good health records sharing and integration. As advancement in technology comes with some limitation and data security, reliability and privacy are some of the hot issues which are existing in cloud computing. The proposed chapter includes various factors affecting cloud computing security and comparative analysis of existing algorithms for cloud computing security in healthcare.


Electronic health record Information technology Cloud computing 


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