Engineering Practice of Vibration Control for Long-Span Structures

  • Aiqun LiEmail author
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Project cases of vibration control engineering practice for long-span structure are introduced. Case 1 is Beijing Olympic National Conference Center with a steel structure floor span of 60 m×81 m. Case 2 is the High-speed Railway Hub Station, including Changsha New Railway Station with the span 49 m, Xi’an North Railway Station with the span 43 m and Shenyang Railway Station with the span 31 m. In Case 1 and 2, the MTMD (Multi-TMD) are used for comfort control under pedestrian load. Case 3 is the Fuzhou Strait International Conference and Exhibition Center, the MTMD system was set up in the large span roof to control the wind-induced vibration response of the structure. In these cases, project overview, MTMD design, analysis model and calculation of structural control are introduced respectively.


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